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Sunshine Bliss Body Bar is so powerful and lightly infused with mugwort and rosemary herbs and works great for detoxifying and helps during manifesting during spiritual baths/showers!! You will love the scent and lasting aroma of berries and lemons!! Comes with the option  of adding blue Sodalite for extra healing!!  
 Side note about Sodalite:
 Sodalite connects the frequencies of consciousness with the soul and your heart’s desire providing a direction of purpose and joy in your life. Sodalite is soothing for the mental state, relaxing, and focusing thoughts. As a crystal tool, Sodalite stimulates the pineal gland and the third eye chakra deepening meditation.  Creating a mental space, for slowing “it” all down, Sodalite supports introspection and the release of the perceived “need” to control, so one may be energetically free and calm. Through the third eye chakra, Sodalite aligns the will of the body to the will of the soul. Sodalite may be helpful in creating a drive for truth and idealism while remaining true to yourself and your beliefs. And much more...

Sunshine Bliss Body Bar

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